People Who Forgot on the Other side of Town

Get angry.

Get happy.

Get real.

Get fake.


People do that.


Get up.

Get laid.

Get excused.

Get a date.


People do that.


Get love.

Get hate.

Get rich.

Get milk.


People do that.


-Get that?

-Get it.


People do that.


Get starlit skies covered by rain.

Get clouds at a wedding.

Get sun at a funeral.

But are we forgetting?


People do that.

Ah, now we remember.

People do that.


Get lost.

Get found.

Get on.

Get around.


People do that.


Get peeled.

Get flaked.

Get lost.


Take a break.


Get took.

Get take.

Get steak.




People do that.


Its sunny out side so go jump in the lake.


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