Transparent Agenda (for readers only)

Like subjects or not, its all we got, so we must work with it.  Without there is nothing, with there is vague absence.  Life is full of gifts to label.  Why not start now?  

Forget what you said, I won’t.

It was like this:

Extrapolate, divide, consume, instigate, exploit, and control.

Over eggs again, over easy.

If you won’t sleep with me I will find someone who will.

-We did.

-I mean fuck.

She said and said she didn’t.

Exclamation Smiles!

Own your own.

On your own.

Manipulating all as to bury in a hole.

Open ground, open flesh, or vise versa.

Closed minds and clouded sunsets.

Beyond them while front and center.

Absent minded and clever.

Alleviated miss-guided miscreants.

Misinformed ill-tempered.

And out of touch.

And longing for touch.

No love.

No rest.

No time.

All of the above.

trusting all, believing none.

No self.

No respect.

All stressed.

All of the above again.

Wake up.

Move on.

Move out.

Move forward to the next verse.

Curses, you JERK!

Indulge…  notice the birds eating seed on the pavement trekking to the Library…

In search of words, position, and silence.

Left speechless with little concern and a positive outlook.


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