Minnesota Lite (excited to be a part of something)

Happily residing resident of the constantly overcast.

6 months of coats and 6 months of heat rash.


Raining on parades, other days hiding in the shade.


Car is frozen to the ground.

We bike now.

We can’t laze.

Car is unbearable AC is broken down.

We bike more now.

We can’t laze.


Batteries in this weather hardly function.

Hit the button-always pressing buttons.

Wearing so many layers you can’t even run in.

Can’t even function.


What the fuck have I gotten myself into?


Not a likely middle medium between seasons.

Numb feet and toes; bodily treason.

Still we stay and we don’t really need a reason.

There is no reason when it’s freezing.


No Coast(!), representing everything and all.

We mean it.

No coast, replenishing while mentioning many things in the blessing.

We mean it.


Extremely rough rugged and mangled with a hint of angel.

In the summer trees are green, walking through the woods, cockeyed look, while the lit cigarette dangles.

Many keys on the chain, walk, and you can hear them jangle.


Smoke trail for miles, can you follow?


We’ve got places to be, we’ve already been there.

We’ve got things to do, setting precedence with time to spare.

We’ve got to be the most vocal and forgetful of those who seem to care.


Home state nice, paying homage.

Home state nice, we promise.


Sleep deprived not really, won’t even mention it.

Hit the snooze and forget.

Sane and stable running for president.

Shave the stubble; presenting the present.


Labels assuredly broken like a wallet.

Come across as sly, see the bluff and call it.

See the bluff?  I am on it (locals of La Crescent can appreciate).


Smiling ear to ear babies bottom smooth.

We drank all night, and it was rude.

Shaved it off this morning with a spoon and some juice.


We don’t rush to the loudest heater in the efficiency.

We close the windows when the temps get near below 50.

Shirtless above 60.


And for all the alka-selsors and cold Celcius you couldn’t move me out of it just for the hell of it.


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