SE to Downtown, Minneapolis Love

Remarkably most on Nicollet Mall are looking down; transfixed on technology and personal economy.

Its too easy to get lured into a market of local fresh goods and sustenance in this concrete theme park.


Ride through it, past it.

Maybe to NE ,maybe over the Stone Arch Bridge, avoiding Hennepin and traffic.


Bus, Cab, and Ped on a pedestal, surrounded by enlightenment and city planning of no accident.

Honking horns, buzzing crowds, all the smells and sounds, all around town.

And the gospel through a megaphone.




Obviate the silly whimsicalities of Uptown.

Save some cash and a frown.


Hipster’s paradise; surviving on beans and rice.

PBR’s are quite nice, though.



Ahead of the times so no one complains.

Sun is ashine, so there is no rain.

Walk and talk, the city is trained, vocabulary and words articulate:  enter the Midwesterner’s brain.


Most of the time busy enough to drive you up a wall.

Can’t sit down, stand up and remain; fight the fall.

Focused, but the city life is trifle if you make it.


Drive and you are insane, it might take you 3 hours to find a space.  


Unfocused, look and you might miss an eyeful of what could have been a handful.

She’s in your vantage point; right across the way, tight pants, tight shirt, acknowledge, smile, wave, and have a great day.


Beaches and booze and bitches and bikes.

Payments and rent; bills to pay before they turn out the lights.


(Surprisingly, not really though, my ex girlfriends are writing poetry for me to measure and edit.

And in full that’s fulfilling, after I accomplished that I take the credit.)


We can roll in the grass for hours in our special spot.

Get lost and not get caught.

But I still find it hard trying not to bring her back to my cot.


An army of “nuns” existing in their harems, pleased with the outlook, and objections people swear at them.

Summer time outside downtown logic; forget the coat and bring the wallet.


You hang out with ______ and you spend money.

You hang out with me and you spend  ______.


“The only thing I lost was my dignity.”

Is exclaimed as we climb the steps to my apartment.


She didn’t really have to stay with me.

There is a lot of love to see.

Go frolic.


Big city, its got the cost.

Big city, summer love, but winter still brings frost, shovels, and gloves.


Small city, knew you in about 3 years.

Small city, after that how to stay and thrive is plainly clear.


Floating above the balance.

Can’t sell yourself short.

What’s talent?


Scramble to make the most important time of relevance.

Punctually late for the Hell of it.


She comes by to hang and be celibate, but we still know how to tip-toe around the delicate.

Crazy, she is crazy, we are crazy, we are labels and that’s it.

No room in this room for an elephant.




Morning starts here by viewing the buildings painted with bright light.

A past-time of counting runners, bikers, and drinkers by night.


My Red-brick lodging:  cheap but expensive.

However, the view of Loring Park is highly extensive.


Standing fixed like an anvil.

Socializing, working, smiling, loving and laughing.


Best place on the planet.

But goddamnit…

An abundant crowd downtown can’t even lift their heads to examine.

How tragic?


2 Comments to “SE to Downtown, Minneapolis Love”

  1. [insert applause here]… you got me with goodbye.

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