We Already Know

I am not fucking stupid.

You want to know how I control you?

I tell you to make up your mind…

And then you think about it.


Label as is and then its devalued.

See how long it stands correct.


See how much it changes.

See how wrong you may be over time.


Rumor mills are good business for a statement, and words are like stones.


I don’t know.

I don’t have to cast, toss, or throw.

Contented on my own.

They come and go, like the breeze and The Beatles.


Hicks said family and friends til the end.

That’s all you got.

Dead in 93′ that’s all he said.


Telling me.



Secrets and loathing.


Here’s in love, tripping on mushrooms, supposing precisely-accurate as well.

A familiar smile.


Here’s understand, get it if you want, if not then go.

Or change the planning of the damning.


Goddamnit; angry-passion some wear the fashion, but who cares exactly?


100% of the time all of the time, or nothing at all all of the time all of the time.

50% redundancy in statements.

20% artistic and careless motives, and poor word choice plus bad grammar.

30% over it.


Some sit and wait for the big down fall.

Walk to the door and let it right in.

Set it down and get it some coffee.

Convivial spirit, host with the most.

Dead and smiling.


Keep Snoozing, hit the button.

More progress in bed than in the street.

All consuming, more words, ideas, theories, laws, and expanded-mind inertia, while boozing.

As counter-productive as labels and going behind the backs of loved ones.


Don’t you think…?

Don’t you think?

You see?


Don’t fail yourself judge, we know you are all powerful.

Do you?


And Tupac performed yesterday at Coachella.




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