My Last Memory of You (is in a Casket)

You are the hottest girl in the world, so why did you become a crustpunk? Oh yeah, cause you hate your parents and you are rebelling against the social norm… I get it, sweet. #flyAsign. #seeyou@thefreechurchdinner

Like ·  · a few seconds ago***Falling to pieces one day at a time.Falling for everything, all the beautiful lines.Ragged hands grip and release the partnership.  Deep cuts, grooves; scar-tissue with little sensation rise to the surface apparent.Caught red-handed-accosted at the coattails, painted nails, she had my attention for a moment.Slice, slide, splice, peal, to reveal ichorous protruding, incised by sharpened steel.Light-colored skin caught hold on metal, opening innards to air, seeped liquid plasma; blood-red as a rose petal.  The acuteness of pain made it obtusely real.  Leaking; my life, one drop at a time.Labour of love; busy work for peanuts and pennies.There’s a-plenty.Day one and then retire.For hire!For hire! Transpire.Come hither young ambitious subordinate, donate your time and your energy to go from rags to riches before you know it.C’mon, own it.    Lending a hand to remove foot from mouth.  Lending flesh and bone, without a doubt.Share cancer with the mind and we think chemo for thoughts.Share disease with others and all appeasement is lost.Common ground; your name we forgot.  This is not personal, strictly business and we know the cost.  Sea to shining sea-somewhere between.Blue skies, the sky is falling-somewhere between.Insemination to 25 years of age-somewhere between.Love and loss-somewhere between.D-day to 9/11-somewhere between.High and Low-somewhere between…Somewhere between borderline personality disorder, equanimity, and ADHD.Without hope, medication(sort of), or a properly assessed prognosis.   And then we die, somewhere between Heaven and Hell, but only after the casket closes.  Carry me to the fucking car.  ****I want you to know that you touched me and you are gifted.  There are no negatives and positives, as Satan as my witness.


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