Minneapolis, MN, 11/13/07, 8:22 AM

Ubiquitous, always thinking:

The room is freezing beyond the covers, so pull your lover closer my brother.

If she has care enough to stay and indulge.

Warm sweat from female form, but the temp. is frigid.

Something other than native land, outsider, tourist, destination layman.

Building pathways in mind, trying to consume and appreciate the time.

At the least breakfast was highly processed, loaded with sodium and lacking nutrition.

We ate the night before, for free, work was a breeze and the manager gave me the keys.

We closed a few months later, no sales, bad location.

Housing so close to a factory the smell of burnt plastic gets stuck in your nose.

The area around the housing so old that antiques rise from the soft rich soil.

An urban setting of diversity and squalor.

The sun rose to the east through a few windows into the living quarters.

Rent was cheap and the cracks were deep.

Minnesota good sleep.


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