And I Died because You Killed me.

And I died because you killed me.

I Carried it in my back pocket for God knows how long.

Surprised at life, thrilled to spill my guts.

Mind games:  Going nuts over lust and sluts.

What to say?

What to say?

Stop me Minneapolis.

“You have to be careful, you might conquer the whole city.”

She said,

They share toothbrush,

She said.

She knew this she said.

Would you wear it for me?

She said.

And bam, after some years we are all dead most certainly.

Son-of-a-bitch, we wasted all that time thinking about things.




Take a deep breath, it comes with the Territory.

We all did it out of boredom.

We all did it to say we did.

We Fit the mold, and broke it right after.

That is what we did to succeed.  



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