Statistics on Love (Moley the Queen of Crab-Pinchers)

Going through the day without even knowing the date.

House-boat, beach, sand; disassembled glass and trash.

Community college, people, no thought, relax, strain.

Growing pains.




Break-ups, and getting trashed.

Class act.

Smashed windows, open plains, the high road, we road past.

This costs priceless dollars, dear Molly.

This is priceless, Holler!

Maybe apologize.

Maybe get laughed at.

Maybe if you cease you may never know, sad fact.

Going to draw the abstract.

Driving a car to crash.

Statements that can’t be retracted.

Subtracted from everyday life-subtraction doesn’t exist here, in real-life, right?


Remember young witness, we are young gifted and unlisted.

They read, but they don’t listen.



She was in my dreams and I never loved anyone else.



One Comment to “Statistics on Love (Moley the Queen of Crab-Pinchers)”

  1. Sounds like a punk rock song.

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