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March 28, 2012

Deliberately Accidental

Love-hate note in my backpack-took a thoughtful flame to that, to attract the moths back.  

Mental smoke blowing in the wind, horizontal and obviating the scene.

True dreams:  only dreams.   


Dusk is so lonely when no one understands.  

Standing by the river screaming at grains of sand.  

Watch the deaf mistake all important demands.  


Sharply semi-focused; me, the I, akin to a pin.  You into sin?  

Figuring on what’s what within, without losing a win.  

And surprised laughter right after we begin.  


(At least it wasn’t a humdrum sort of day.)



The Detailed description of Above written Words:


Nada like self doubt, oh to live without.

Oh to live without,sans.


Out of the house.

All about the round about.


Flight pattern:

head’s in outer-space,

spinning around Saturn.

Toothy grin, fucked up; broke up like a Jack-o-Lantern just splattered.


Healthy pattern; good adapter.

She’s trapped on her spiral ladder-

Her ambition went from claps of applause to disapproving laughter, uh oh, disaster.


That’s how they caste ya.

That’s how they stamped ya.



Uh oh, disaster.


Strike the match on this rolled cigarette at sunset, taking in the full effect.

Strike the match on this rolled cigarette in the sun, autopilot set for fun on an excursion towards nothing except fun.


How much fun it was to be a kid and not knowing it all.


Never done,

watch out for number one,

mind twisting because her hand did the unzipping.


Barking dogs bite back when they only try to trust.

Just to distract.

Thought process lacked, ever thought of that?

Female dog.


Stay on course, focus on the tracks.

Retract nothing and take nothing back.


I’ll tell you when to look back when I get back.





Look back, remember?


March 20, 2012

Hint: She likes Blue Cheese and I like the Weather

Half-ways decent at apology, living restricted to be completely free.

Weather changes the day; clouds roll in to turn reflecting eyes grey.

Not about to sigh over clear skies.

Not about to cry over spilt space and time.

Shield my face to conceal a hidden smile, gaze up at the sun rays while checking the dial and my mind.


12 noon, the day is half over.

12 noon, the day has just begun.


Close to burnt we all run to the shade.

Close to burnt but we never learn.

Whether we accept the weather we can’t neglect that we are affected by its presence.



Words of life:  at school to study not to pick up women most likely.

Hey, Buddy!

Hey, man.  Don’t even give him a second glance.

(I got enough friends)

Up the walk to the metal racks, here she comes to distract.

Lady walking in a dress, no stress, some class, much rest to avoid being depressed.


Guys, lames, buzzing like flies.

No wonder I got an ego.


Miss I know her, seen her naked.

Miss, I know what she is all about.

Its all good, sometimes you got to put shit on the shelf.


She is popping out all over like men after her scent.

She is bending down all over, the wind makes her hair a mess.

Time is being spent.


I can’t help but take notice.

I can’t help but smile and take the moment.

Closure, fuck it she needs atonement.  (she should/can get that from self)


I am not jealous, I have been there I can’t forget.

That’s why she keeps calling, text messages full, that’s why I can’t forget.

She asks me again, I say no.

A third time, not as charming.

I straddle the frame and push on, I got to go.

And press on.

Nothing too alarming.


*Surprised I can’t afford it.


Recessive genes, recessing in jeans underneath some trees.

She says cool beans, “cool beans“.

Like that.

Then she leaves

Again, as a distraction the attraction hits me well.

Light T and fit pants, slacking near train tracks in a heavy heat spell.


Put my book in my backpack and run.

Run home, run to safety, run to summer.

Run like hell.

And duck for cover under the covers.

It’s not even 3 am on the last weekend of the month and I can already see her phone number flashing on my cell.




Happily in state of solitude.

Would have gotten lewd or rude.

Instead we walked away and ended it with no blues.


We don’t talk to remain cool.

We don’t talk, just to remain cool.

I digress, but thought fondly of the fun we missed out on.

Let’s progress.






March 13, 2012

And I Died because You Killed me.

And I died because you killed me.

I Carried it in my back pocket for God knows how long.

Surprised at life, thrilled to spill my guts.

Mind games:  Going nuts over lust and sluts.

What to say?

What to say?

Stop me Minneapolis.

“You have to be careful, you might conquer the whole city.”

She said,

They share toothbrush,

She said.

She knew this she said.

Would you wear it for me?

She said.

And bam, after some years we are all dead most certainly.

Son-of-a-bitch, we wasted all that time thinking about things.




Take a deep breath, it comes with the Territory.

We all did it out of boredom.

We all did it to say we did.

We Fit the mold, and broke it right after.

That is what we did to succeed.  


March 6, 2012

Statistics on Love (Moley the Queen of Crab-Pinchers)

Going through the day without even knowing the date.

House-boat, beach, sand; disassembled glass and trash.

Community college, people, no thought, relax, strain.

Growing pains.




Break-ups, and getting trashed.

Class act.

Smashed windows, open plains, the high road, we road past.

This costs priceless dollars, dear Molly.

This is priceless, Holler!

Maybe apologize.

Maybe get laughed at.

Maybe if you cease you may never know, sad fact.

Going to draw the abstract.

Driving a car to crash.

Statements that can’t be retracted.

Subtracted from everyday life-subtraction doesn’t exist here, in real-life, right?


Remember young witness, we are young gifted and unlisted.

They read, but they don’t listen.



She was in my dreams and I never loved anyone else.