Daniel told me to write this…(Subzero, like Math not Batman’s)

The title is just a title.

A glimpse of subject within, and without, sort of.

Without a doubt.

Reflecting and expressing on the subject of the summary to enrich and enlighten those of the content.

Fortunately, this is a summary, because a completed work would not be held on such a small venue.

Fortunately, this is a venue, because a completed summary would not be held on such a small work.

Fortunately, this is a work, because a completed venue would not be held on such a small summary…

(Processing:  Readers, right now, are like:  Dot, dot, dot.  Question mark.  Words here, exploited-deleted.  And keep going or log off.  Read below though.)

It is only how we perceive matter that is rich, deep, and useful to our situation, that matters most to us…

(A satellite:

A piece of metal flung into space.  A piece of metal in one place.  A piece of metal on my mind.  A piece of metal falling within time. 

And that is what is above us, imagine what its like below…)



He keeps ripping loose-leaf out of his notebook, rolling them up and throwing them towards the trash.  He misses every time.  He does not sigh, he just watches his peer’s facial reactions.  He has conviction, concentration, questions, and few answers, but he won’t seem to stop throwing trees at the trash…

Spiritual and sassy, attractive and semi-trashy.  Interesting.  I see tits and I wonder, how big is the brain?  Tiny frame I see, big ideas, and what’s the big idea?  I used my interest to ruin the situation last night with questions of intrigue and an unintentional disapproving glance at the location.  At that location.  She left, but my phone kept ringing.  Silent is my favorite ringtone setting at times.  I just hate to turn it off…

He was happy, but his brother had passed.  Ashes aside the bar, ashes of life and death and respect.  Barring the anti-punctual, the timing and set was perfectly erected and disassembled.  A standing ovation at the theater of life.  Thank you, now please sit down.  Ashes, just ashes.  Ashes are just ashes now.  Similar to burnt paper, similar to burnt wood, and oil.  Similar to all and nothing, which is all and nothing.  Its all up in the air after that…

And it started like this:  What’s next?


‘Never knew what dirty was until I had a conversation with Daniel.  Something like 1 in 4, something like 80 percent of the population, something like variables, like prescription and diagnosis.  Born that way.  Born with it.  Thought that is.  Our talk consisted of drugs, sex, cars, super-glue, gays, monster truck tires, death, and almost rock and roll…  Almost.  We had been talking for an hour and we had only begun.  No judgement on both ends of the line, on all topics respectively.  I guess we weren’t fishing.  We got off the phone after that.  Still laughing.’


Have a good day.

I will.

And ask questions.


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