Dead Dear (No Names) is…

Please refrain from standing in my path.

Please give me my shirt and dignity back.

Please tell the guy you are with that you are evil and no good.

Please grow up.




Person of the week stayed a couple too long.

Please stay out of my area you are not wanted.

I am not upset.

Controlled emotions with an arsenal of words.



These words are history and stink of decay.

But it is how I felt one day, so I just had to say it this way.



I would laugh, but you took my breath away.

I would laugh, but it would break you.


I would cry but I am dehydrated.

I would cry but its not worth it to me.


I don’t know if I care about that stuff, you know(?) memories.



Y.  “Why are you so happy all the time?”

T.  “Because I am crazy…  I mean I love to be at work, no one hassles me here.”

Y.  “I didn’t mean it like it’s a bad thing, I just wondered why you smile all day and how you have such a positive attitude…”

T.  “Practice smiling, it will make you feel better.  Just smile.”




*Working knowledge, you are gonna want to stay in college.  I Write like I breathe:  solid.


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