Tell your Girlfriend I say Hi

Reeking of weed; everything but the mood.

We don’t smoke, we only bum what we can from ashes and smoke.

Don’t apologize.

She must have said sorry a thousand times for no reason.

The sex was sex.

Better than the person that doesn’t have it, they are jealous.

I guess it is as about as useful as Sunscreen in January.

Cold feet in Chuck Taylor’s; not at the altar, not this sailor.

Wrapped up and unwrapped, slowly calculating the location of the speed trap.

Cited for aggressive acceleration and living life thriving.

Mostly I know she will miss it when it isn’t there.

Ah, such is life.

My Ray Ban P’s help me see the bullshit a bit clearer, my tiny nose detects the smell a bit after.

How are you?  Super-exceptional, except for the glass isn’t half full.

It’s exactly sort of like that one thing we had talked about a while back the other day.

Tell him I said he is a Bitch, tell him I told you mean things and almost hit you.

Lie to him, like you lie to me, like you lie to your mirror, and like you lie to your existence.

Just make sure to smile.

I am a good witness.  🙂

I was drunk and you found me.

I was sober and nice and you wanted nothing to do with me.

Does every woman need a fix, or a fixer-upper?

My sorry is that I am white, blonde haired, blue eyed, and disliked for it.

Guys are jerks, especially the honest ones.

She said I didn’t have enough problems for her to fix.

I wanted to fix her honesty problem.

I didn’t drop out and I don’t live with my Mother, I am not your type. on estrogen, Dan said it.

Dan knows best.

How do you keep track?

Notebook, pen, paper, and a bunch of well placed stories.

Get that?


One Comment to “Tell your Girlfriend I say Hi”

  1. You write about girls often. About all the girls who must read your blogs and wonder if you are writing about them. Or are they all blended together now? Making one gal?

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