I Just Wanted to See You

I don’t care about Valentine’s day, I just wanted to see you.

Cards and dying flowers with falling petals never sufficed.

The pressure of approval didn’t make me think twice.


I don’t care about labels, I just wanted to see you.

I am yours, you are mine, but only with a title could it be meaningful, apparently.

Scarcely spending an hour with you can repair me from despair.


I don’t care about fidelity, I just wanted to see you.

You could be with all the boys on the block and still find yourself in my bed, by my accord.

Mentally your physical touch is more than one can afford.


I don’t care about your lies, I just wanted to see you.

You are truly a better story teller than I am, and I will listen to every word intently.

I swear I am telling the truth, will you bet me?  You just met me.


I don’t care about anything, I just wanted to see you.

Your eyes, your smile, your thoughts and ideas, they took me away for a moment, they made me forget what was real.

Absolutely everything is personal perspective; relatively relevant is the rational objective.


And I didn’t care.

But I should…



An AM conversation at 315 W. 15th.


“How are you wearing a T-shirt out here?”  K.

“How are you wearing a Sweat-shirt out here?”  T.

“It’s cold.”  K.

“Someone moved the heater, why don’t you move it back?”  T.

“Why do you ask so many questions anyway?”  T.

“Why…?  I ask a lot of questions?”  K.


W/Ms. Kaisa –


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