Valentine’s Day with Cheap Flowers and Feelings (Do you Love me?)

Another day.

Any other day would have been forgotten.

An overload of work for trees (as in paper), printing presses (over extended labor), ink (blotted with tears), hallmarks (namesake by ears), and messengers (spinning gears).

365 days, and its like this once, have we lost our compassion?

New world ideas, respect them as fashion.

The norm and the standard, but forgotten right after, who is paying attention?

24 hours, or less, when do your eyes shut?

She sits and waits, while all time devours.

Small cuts,

and then deep cuts…

No hot shower could influence feelings otherwise.

Not a single rose, nor card could bring a smile to her face, exposed teeth never shown.

She hides her happiness with disgrace, and vise versa.

The human race has been treated and beaten to receive appeasement from heathens for reasons on specific dates.

On others not so much.

I forgot to mark the calendar, what day, what mistake?

Affectionately we smile.

Realization of self-need, and that’s it, brings us closer to the meaning of existence.

You attracted me and many, you are powerful and plenty.

Your expressions promote it, persuading, and begging for you to believe.

The meaning is created, imagined, and expressed within.

The whole world couldn’t take away your power to make yourself feel better, the only person that can do that is the person you live with.

Buy a coloring book and get through the first chapter before the rapture.

Crayons and your imagination are the most beautiful thing I could receive on any given day.

But we can over-appreciate just this once; the holy grail of love, and determination of expression.

No scheduled date really, no deception of real intentions.

Show your love today, and everyday, I am making Valentine’s Day cards all year round.  

You owe it to yourself and the person you love.  You owe it right now.

And for those of us undateable few, keep loving yourself, and keep getting through to those important people around you.


One Comment to “Valentine’s Day with Cheap Flowers and Feelings (Do you Love me?)”

  1. This.Is.Awesome. Mad props.

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